Monday Perspective

Like most of the working world, I’ve always dreaded Monday’s & anticipated the weekend.  Staying up late, sleeping in & most of all, not being at work.  Since my surgery in October things have shifted a bit.  I look forward to weekends because everyone else is off work & for a couple of days I won’t be home alone.  I dont dread Monday as much because I use it to get the house back in order.  Obviously, heavy housework isn’t on my agenda for another few weeks, but there’s plenty I can do if I take it slow.  Usually it’s Tuesday – Thursday that I dread as days that plod along, where I end up planning dinner before I’ve finished breakfast.  I start getting ready for my physical therapy appointments hours beforehand just to be doing something.  I’m not complaining really.  Even with all the pain & sleeplessness it’s still nice to have some time away from the daily grind.  I’m sure soon I’ll be wishing for a little more time off.  


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