Cold Hard Truth

I decided yesterday to gather up all my paperwork & figure out how much out of pocket medical expenses I had for 2015.  Mostly for tax purposes, but also for my own record keeping. I met my plan deductible & max out of pocket pretty early in the year due to having a suspected TIA in mid February, which triggered cluster headaches.  So, most of the bills after that went straight to the insurance company without a copy to me.  

I was pretty amazed at the expenses related to my shoulder surgery & feeling very thankful for health insurance. Then I started reviewing the EOB’s for physical therapy. I’ve been going 2-3 times per week since August, except for when I was recovering from surgery. Each visit averaged around $266. Again, that’s all fine & good when my insurance is covering at 100%.  

My Deductible & max out of pocket limits reset this month. I checked my benefits summary & found that after the ded is met, my plan covers 80% of PT cost. If I go twice a week, that’s roughly $106/week that I’ll be responsible for. Or $53 if I only go once per week. Basically, I can’t afford it. Especially since the first $500 is on me. 

I lay awake last night trying to figure out a way. Flipping mentally through my expenses to find anything I could cut out. In the end the truth is, I can’t afford PT anymore. I’ve been off work on Supplemental Sick pay for 3 months, struggling to make ends meet. I’ll have to be back at work at least 2 weeks before my paychecks are normal again. Then I can start digging myself out of this financial hole.  Continuing to rack up new medical bills every week just isn’t an option. 

I’m terrified that without PT my shoulder range of motion will stop improving, or even regress. I’m going to continue to do my exercises at home every day. It’s disheartening to face the reality that I may never get back to pre-accident level with my dominant arm. 


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