This is my after manipulation post. I’m so happy to say it was nowhere near as bad as I expected. I woke up with a post exercise type of soreness from my shoulder, down into my hand. I already have more movement than I did, which makes me very hopeful that I might finally be on the road to recovery. 

The anesthesia was a little different this time, I’m guessing that’s because the manipulation only takes a few minutes. Right before I went to sleep, the voices around me started sounding like I was underwater & then my ears were ringing. I remember saying, “This is weird” and then….nothing.  I woke up feeling almost normal but by the time we got home I was dizzy & sleepy. I ended up sleeping from 2:30 to midnight. 

I start PT again this morning & I’m supposed to be taking pain pills at first. Sounds promising. 😜

I have a followup visit with my doctor on 3/22. Another few weeks off work & then we will see. 


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