The Good & the Bad

I had PT every day last week, with a pain pill before each session. The exercises are fine but there have been some pretty painful moments during the stretching.  Every day there has been a little more progress, with ER still being the slowest. I’m also trying to do at least one set of exercises at home every day. 

I can almost get dressed/undressed without any movement modifications. I still can’t reach up behind my back to unhook my bra.  Sleeping on my right side is still painful after a few minutes. And, of course, I’m still so limited strength wise on my right side. Opening a jar is out of the question, as is boosting myself up or….doing a plank. Yeah, I’m dreaming of yoga. 

On Saturday (2days ago) I drove to Lexington (about 30 miles one way) to shop with my daughter for her wedding dress.  *cry*

  It was my first day without a pain pill & by the end is the day I was hurting.  I woke up Sunday morning feeling like I had been beaten & was miserable all day.  This doesn’t bode well for driving to work, which is also in Lexington.  
So that’s where I am. Still in limbo but hoping for a return to normalcy very soon. 


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