Here We Go Loopty Loo…

I feel like a broken record at times.  I don’t have anything Earth shaking to report, but I did want to do a quick update since I’m set to go back to work (again) in a few days.

Easter was last week and I set off shoulder repercussions by attempting to peel some potatoes. How dare I?!? I’m pretty frustrated right now by these limitations.  This is the last in a long line of holidays & special events that I’ve been in constant pain. Enough already!

I had a follow up appointment with my Ortho Dr. on March 22.  He says he has done all he can do & the rest is up to me.  What does that even mean?!? I go to physical therapy every day. I do additional arm/shoulder exercises at home every day.  What more can I possibly do to make this better? I’ve cried, I’ve prayed, I’ve “toughed it out” until I’m exhausted with it all.  I asked him what he would suggest if going back to work causes as much pain as it did in January, with the muscle spasms & swelling. He said he would be inclined to order no more repetive motion. Ever. That, of course, would be the end of my job. It’s impossible to work in a sea of cubicles without involving the mouse & keyboard.  What job doesn’t involve this sort of repetitive motion with my dominant arm?   

Are we talking about disability here? Because that is devastating.  I’m only 40 years old.  I’ve worked & been independent my whole life.     I feel used up, useless & hopeless most days. I’m still praying.


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