Shoulder Surgery, Take 2

I’m not heavy on details from the actual surgery, since I didn’t get to talk to my doctor yet, but since I’m wide awake I thought I’d note some things down.

I got a pain block this time along with a port in my neck connected to a ball filled with pain meds. It’s a strange little contraption that’s supposed to slowly dispense meds for the next few days.  I’ve been a bit worried about accidentally pulling the tube from my neck while I sleep. Turns out, I didn’t sleep much last night so, I shouldn’t have worried.  Speaking of pain, I’m happy to report I haven’t had much so far. We will see what happens when the block wears off. 

About all I’ve been told regarding the surgery is that it went well, that piece of bone that showed up on the X-ray was actually connected to something, my bicep had to be worked on, my labrum is repaired & a blue ribbon was removed from the site. Ummm…a blue ribbon? I’m pretty anxious to talk to the doctor myself for more details.   

Here are some pics I was sent:

I thought it was pretty neat to have those but I wish there were captions.

I’m off here for now & will post more info soon. 


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