Let Me Clear My Throat

It was a huge relief to have the port out of my neck.  Hard to believe that once all that tape was removed, the end of the catheter was so tiny. There was barely even a mark on my neck to show where it had been. The wave of pain to my shoulder & arm hit within the hour. I’m also having a persistent, achy pain down the right side of my neck, which I assume is from the port placement.   

I took off my shoulder dressings with my eyes mostly closed, a combination of being afraid to look at the incisions & the pain of all that adhesive. Two days later & im still picking tape residue off myself. I can’t actually see the incision sites since they are covered with tape that has to stay on another 10 days or so. I’ve laughed a bit at my swollen bicep. I wonder if Popeye wants his arm back?!? 

Of course, that 1st shower was heaven even if I did only have one hand to wash my hair with. 

I’m still limited on doing anything & the pain is still constant. I’m taking pain pills along with muscle relaxers about every 6 hours. I’ve been able to sleep in about 2 hour intervals, waking up to shift position due to being uncomfortable.  I don’t like the sling any better this time around. I’ve gotten into the habit of taking a morning dose of Miralax & an afternoon dose is Sendecot.  Sounds excessive but I’m determined to at least avoid severe constipation this time.  

I’m  hoping this upcoming week brings big improvements. 


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