Slow Going

Here’s a shot of my stitches before I got them out this morning. 

As you can see, the incision for repairing my bicep is a lot bigger than any I had last time. 

So, as I mentioned, I got the stitches out & had some post op X-rays done. Everything seems to be healing ok at this point. I get to come out of my sling 3 weeks early to fight the stiffening & scar tissue. Hopefully getting my range of motion back will be easier this time. 

We discussed some of the surgery photos. Apparently my bicep was severely inflamed & so had to be dealt with. The blue “ribbon” turned out to be an extra long suture that wasn’t attached to an anchor. All the old anchors were taken out with new anchors placed at the rear of my labrum where it was torn. 

I’m to start passive PT this week. Return to work won’t be discussed until my followup near the end of June. That puts me past my Supp Sick deadline so I expect that paperwork will be arriving soon.  

As usual, sounds like my recovery will be a slow process. I’m stressed about being out past what I’ll get paid for, but I don’t see any alternative at this point. It’s not a choice I can make, so I’m trying to stay calm & positive.  I’m going to focus on the great news that I only have 1 more week in this awful sling. 


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