Choices That Aren’t 

I’ve had 2 phone calls from my HR department in the last 4 days. Both calls have seemed to be for the purpose of first guilting me into not going onto Long Term Disability and then threatening me with the consequences. At this point, I’m well aware that I’m  going to lose my job & my benefits so that I can continue to receive 50% of my normal pay until I’m recovered enough to find another job. I really don’t have any choices, but they still keep asking me if it’s what I want. Of course it’s not what I want. If I could have what I want, none of this would have ever happened or the 1st surgery would have been done correctly & I’d be better by now. Nothing about this situation has been about what I want. It’s a little like tripping & falling into a raging river; being swept along past everything in your life. Piece by piece, just losing stuff and missing out on things.


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