Yay! New Symptoms ðŸ˜‘

I’ve started back with PT & will have my first aquatic PT tomorrow. The popping/grinding/cracking is due to scar tissue, so it’s full speed ahead to get some motion back. 

I’ve had some weird pain on my incision scars for a couple of days. They almost feel like fresh incisions, with a sharp stabbing type of pain. I literally thought I had a new cut at first. It’s bothersome, along with the muscle spasms in my hand. 

I did some online research & am hoping this is just my nerves trying to heal. 


A Little Good With My Pain

The pain, cracking, popping & sleeplessness continue. I went back to PT only to be taken back off again. I have a followup Dr. Appt Monday, so we’ll see if he thinks this is normal, scar tissue related pain or something else. 

As for the good, I got approved for LTD & so will be able to stay afloat financially until I can work again. Yay. 

Short & sweet, that’s it for today.