3 month Post Op

I had my 3 month-ish post op appointment this morning. The doctor took some ROM measurements & feels I’ve made some good progress. He wants me to continue aquatic therapy for strengthening. 

We discussed my continued hand spasms & how I’ve been dropping things. He feels this isn’t related to my shoulder injury & could be early signs of carpal tunnel. I have my next appointment set for the end of October & he suggested we revisit that issue then & possibly follow up with some nerve testing. As for my shoulder, he is hopeful I’ll keep improving enough to be “cut loose” at that point. 

I’m almost afraid to hope that this ordeal will soon be completely behind me. Two days ago marked a year since my original injury. In the grand scheme of things, I suppose a year isn’t a lot of time. It’s felt like forever to me that I haven’t had full use of my dominant arm. I’ve found alternate ways to do almost everything & it seems like I automatically protect my right arm no matter what I’m doing.  I guess once I find a job, the normalcy will come back.  I’m excited that I could be working again before the holidays. I can Christmas shop!!