Feeling Twitchy

The twitching spasms in the fingers & thumb of my right hand seem to be getting worse. I’m staring to wonder how it isn’t somehow related to my shoulder problems. At this point, any time I lightly grip anything, my fingers will start twitching. My whole arm is going numb again at night & the top of my hand is so achy.  I’ve also noticed that picking up anything small between my thumb & finger (pinching motion) is almost impossible. I can’t seem to catch hold of anything. 

I’ve left a message for my Ortho dr requesting that he go on & schedule the nerve study. 

I’ve also been trying to see how long I can use a computer. So far, I can make it about 30 minutes without having to walk away. The shoulder pain gets pretty intense at that point. 

To say I’m discouraged is an understatement.