And Now This

It’s almost Christmas!!  We are pretty excited about girls night candy making & all the family gift exchange plans.  It’s been a rough year, but also a good one. 

I’ve come to rely more & more on my faith in God. Knowing he has a plan for my life & is taking care of me even when I can’t see it, is a huge relief. I’m ok & will continue to be ok. God is good all the time & he works all things for the good of those who love him. All things. 

I had an appointment with my ortho surgeon on 12/12. We agreed that I’ve come as far as I can in physical therapy, so that’s on hold for now. He is referring me to a chronic pain doctor who specializes in Neuromodulation. I had to look that one up. From what I’ve read, this practice involves implanting a device to either dispense pain medication (non-opoid) or to send electrical currents that control pain. 

I’m going to meet with the doctor & discuss because Google doesn’t know everything. If, in fact, those are my options, I’m inclined to pass for now. While I do have almost constant pain & am prevented from doing a lot of things, my pain level doesn’t stay at the unbearable level as long as I’m careful. I don’t feel I need constant pain control at this point. 


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