Since my last post was a little negative…(ahem), I’ll try not to dissolve into a pity puddle today. 

Due to my insurance change, none of my doctors (primary care, orthopedic & pain management) are in network now. Pain management is on hold for now. My new Ortho doctor didn’t thrill me with his initiative. He did inject cortisone into my shoulder that didn’t really help anything. His one suggestion was that I have an FCE. Functional Capacity Evaluation. A five hour test done by a physical therapist that is supposed to determine what I can & cant do, employment wise. Of course, it can’t be done by a therapist who knows me. 

After reading horror stories online, I was pleasantly surprised. Yes it was 5 hours of doing things that hurt, but it wasn’t unbearable & I feel hopeful that it will get me out of this limbo. I also feel kind of like I’ve been through another surgery. Ouch!  I should have the report in a couple of days. Cross your fingers for me!